Traditional Braces

Traditional braces have stood the test of time as one of the best orthodontic treatments for kids, teens and adults! More advanced than ever before, traditional braces are proven to work effectively and provide lasting results. If you need orthodontic treatment, traditional braces could be the best option. For orthodontic treatment, the best place to start is a consultation with your dentist. Our team can evaluate your smile, discuss your dental goals and put together a personalized treatment plan for helping you reach those goals. 

Why A Straight Smile Is Important

Straightening misaligned teeth is not only good for self esteem, but also for oral health. A straight smile is easier to floss and brush, helping to avoid tooth decay. Straight teeth can also help improve the way you speak by helping with enunciation more clearly. Chewing becomes easier and less wear and tear happens as a result of teeth being properly aligned. 

The Orthodontic Process

Traditional braces are typically worn between 12-24 months depending on your smile. After an initial consultation and digital impressions are taken, your dentist can map out the best treatment plan and estimate how long treatment will take. Braces gradually shift this crooked or gapped teeth into the right position and your dentist will continue to adjust your braces to control which teeth are moving and when they are moving. By following a treatment plan, your dentist will help your teeth stay on the right track. Regular visits will be set up so our team can keep up with their smile and make adjustments to the braces as needed.

Traditional braces can give you a proud smile! If you are interested in traditional braces in Tustin, CA, give us a call! 

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