Custom Athletic Mouthguards

Sports and activities are great for kids and adults alike! Staying active is a big part of staying healthy! At Sweet Smiles, many of our team members are parents with kids who also play sports. We understand the importance of keeping kids safe while they play. We want to do our part to protect your child’s mouth during their sporting activities. Many times, mouth injuries can happen to patients who are active. If a tooth is injured, it may never be the same. And if baby teeth fall out too soon due to injury, it can affect teeth alignment as other teeth may begin to shift out of place. If a permanent tooth is broken or knocked out, restoration treatment will be needed to fix their injury. Restoration treatments can be costly and take time, so being proactive by protecting your child’s teeth or your own is often the best approach

The Difference a Custom Mouthguard Offers

At Sweet Smiles, we offer custom athletic mouthguards to protect smiles while they play. You can have peace of mind that your teeth are safely protected while you or your child are the most active. Custom athletic mouthguards are made to fit securely and comfortably, unique to each smile. Over-the-counter mouthguards may be too loose and hard to keep in place, which often means they do not protect the teeth as well. With a custom mouthguard, teeth are better protected and they are more comfortable to wear.

Each mouthguard can be customized to the patient’s mouth size and shape, meaning you will have a one-of-a-kind mouthguard to protect your smile. Your child can also choose the color that they like the most to add some personalization to the process. If you or a child is in need of a custom athletic mouthguard, call us today. Don’t step on the field without protecting you or your child’s beautiful smile

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