Affordable Braces in Orange County

Sweet Smiles Modern Orthodontics has partnered with OrthoFi to make the best orthodontic care affordable.

Braces Are an Investment in Your Child’s Future

Braces are a huge investment for families – and not just financially. An investment in orthodontics is an investment in your child’s dental health, confidence and quality of living, which is why choosing the right orthodontic practice is so important.

Unfortunately, due to financial constraints, millions of families in the US are forced to forgo braces every year. Together with OrthoFi, Sweet Smiles is changing how modern families think about and pay for braces.

Not All Braces Are Created Equal

Not all braces are alike, and finances should not have to determine what level of treatment you receive. The results of orthodontic treatments last a lifetime, affecting both a patient’s appearance and oral health. It’s critical that parents base their decision on technology, skill and expertise – not just cost.

However, we at Sweet Smiles understand that cost IS a huge factor for many families. We never want our patients to choose between high-quality orthodontics and cost, which is why we’ve teamed up with OrthoFi.

Low Down Payment

  • Most people can start orthodontic treatment for as little as $250

Low Monthly Payment

  • Most monthly payments can go as low as $125, fitting any budget

Extended Payment Time

  • Most plans can extend well beyond treatment times

High-Quality Smiles Are Affordable with OrthoFi

By partnering with OrthoFi, Sweet Smiles has found a way to make the best orthodontic care affordable for Orange County families.

OrthoFi is a revolutionary payment solution that uses flexible, custom payment plans to give patients control of their monthly payments. With OrthoFi, you can choose a payment plan that fits your budget. Using OrthoFi from Sweet Smiles, patients can get state-of-the-art treatment for as little as $250 down and $125/month over 36 months.

Finances should not be a barrier to the smile a child deserves. At Sweet Smiles, we believe everyone deserves high-quality braces and with OrthoFi, we’ve made the very best affordable! Call Sweet Smiles today at (714) 893-7539 to schedule a FREE consultation.